This site is dedicated the Mad Hatter character in the novel Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. The character turned out to be one of the most well-loved characters in the novel as well as in succeeding movie adaptations. He was able to inspire a lot of people with his quirkiness, love for riddles and loyalty to Alice.

The Mad Hatter character

The sites delve deeper into the character of the Hatter. Surprisingly enough, this site will explain why he is referred to as the “Mad Hatter” as he is commonly known for. It also looks at the saying “mad as a hatter” and how it referred to hat makers in the past who used mercury in making felt caps.

Mad Hatter’s quotes

The novel allowed Lewis Carroll to show his writing genius through his characters. The Mad Hatter’s character is able quite known not only for his riddles but his popular lines in the novel and succeeding movies. This allowed people to relate it to real-life challenges and use it as an inspiration to do better in life.

Mad Hatters Slot

This site also looks into one of the most exciting slot game ever built as inspired by the Mad Hatter’s character in Alice in Wonderland. The casino slot game features 5 reels and about 30 pay-lines. This game is also pretty colorful, much like the Mad Hatter’s appearance in the movies. The reels are big and it takes up the full screen. You can try the game at an online casino, get almost instant payout from these casino sites.

Adaptations of Mad Hatter’s character

The site also digs into several adaptations of the Mad Hatter’s character apart from the original novel and Disney movies. It takes you down to a journey of how the character has become a villain in DC’s popular Batman series to being a double agent in a mini-series and even how he conquered the imagination of people through Japanese Manga.

Alice in Wonderland

As the Mad Hatter is a part of the novel Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland, the site helps you understand how the novel started. It shares how the original novel in the 1800’s inspired so many books, tv, as well as movie adaptations. From the very first silent movie in 1903 all the way to the latest installment in 2016, the site looks at some of these important timelines to show the progression of the novel to being a big Disney franchise.

The site will also introduce you to some of the other characters in the franchise. Alice and the Hatter are widely known to people but there are other characters such as the White Rabbit who Alice follows down the hole. The March Hare and the Dormouse also play crucial roles as they form the trio with the Hatter who are trapped in a seemingly endless tea party.